Fresh Ideas To Expand Your Electrical Repair Service

Every business needs to face it: the initial excitement of expansion becomes lost because sales and network growth are minimal or sometimes stagnant. Gone were the days the business acquired one client and recommendation more every single day.

However, nothing is wrong with the way you run your business in the last two months. The dedication to providing services and the curiosity that helps you develop solutions is still there. The business just lacks some ideas that could give them an edge over the competition.

Electrician Removing Screws From A Console

Grow Your Networks

During the beginning, your business sought family members and your closest friends as your first clients. Seeing the notable effort and efficient solution you and your company provided, these individuals recommended your electrical repair service to additional networks, namely the friends and colleagues of your first network.

Today, word-of-mouth marketing is still the strongest marketing. The Internet is a great secondary source of business and it has the potential to introduce you to new networks and territories. A business consistent in its product or service would continue to expand its circle of clients and influence.

Specific Solutions For Different Markets

You know yours and your team’s talents: reaching out to industrial manufacturing corporations and fixing worn-out and sometimes broken down circuits of entire appliances. Most specifically, your business has an edge in fixing office equipment, a lucrative industry.

Electrician Looking at a Tester

One way for the business to move forward is to target new markets. Expand your electrical repair service knowledge from office equipment and appliances into food and industrial-tech heavy equipment. The principles are the same: your team is still handling and dealing with electrical circuits of different schematics.

A small knowledge could provide great returns indeed.


The business’ expanding networks and markets would introduce a great demand for its electrical repair services. As cities are huge expanses of land and traffic could deteriorate the business’ brand and image, franchising your business is a great solution, which allows would-be branch owners to invest in building and maintaining an electrical repair services company that uses your current “best practices.”

However, planning a franchise can be difficult; the business needs a “mass production” style line of employee training, equipment standards, and overall knowledge base update to all its branches. If done properly, an electrical repair business greatly expands its sphere of influence.

Teaming Up With The Competition

An alliance with the competition guarantees a steady flow of clients despite smaller numbers given the equal divide as per your agreement with the competition.

Another downside is streamlined services. The possibility of knowledge sharing between rival businesses could take the edge off several electrical repair patents your business owns.

If you are pushing through with an alliance with different companies, make sure there is no non-compete clause to avoid having issues with your business’ established intellectual properties.

Continue To Innovate

The best way to expand is to ensure your business maintains its edge against the competition whether in an alliance or competing in the industry independently. As per business marketing, a unique proposition is everything to clients, and the best way to find a convincing innovation is to find and experiment with challenging situations that clients might present.