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The Elaine Levy Project was a collaboration of artists from Brussels who wished to exhibit their art to Europe and to anyone in the world who was interested. The project was successful even if it was only a small booth of artists who intend to showcase their talents.

The 2014 project inspired several electrical engineers into exploring their technical knowledge into something as spirited as expressionist art. The electrical engineers believed that electricians are more than just professionals who build computers, fix infrastructure circuits and the role of delivering electricity to the world, but something more human entirely.

NASA's Mars Rover

This realization led them to begin their version of the Elaine Levy Project: a collection of the world’s finest and most talented engineers forming a community focused on innovative projects from theoretical electrical engineering to creating something that would benefit the entire world.

Live your electric dreams and join the community!

Learn And Collaborate With A World Of Innovative Electricians

The Internet is humanity’s best invention; despite people claiming it sets individuals in proximity far apart, the Internet has brought minds that think alike together to form something out of thin air: a compelling idea.

The goal of the electrical engineering version of the Elaine Levy Project is to allow anyone, even electrical engineers attending university or vocational engineers taking extra classes, to share an idea with an entire community.

The likelihood of other electricians digesting the idea and forming their hypothesis is highly likely, making the idea of banding together to materialize a somewhat absurd idea extremely possible.

Collaborate with a sea of professionals who intend to push forward and extend the limits of current electrical technology knowledge and understanding for the future of humanity’s modern “fire,” electrical technology.

Supplement Your Knowledge With Our Database

The fantastic or romantic perspectives on electricity the Elaine Levy Project have are backed by data and research conducted and contributed by professional electricians and electrical physicists to educate the old and new generations of electrical engineering professionals about the newest discoveries.

However, the Elaine Levy Project is more than just a repository of theories and imaginings; the Project recognizes the need of new or seasoned electricians to create their business in their local communities to support their goals in life, which would stimulate the start of their electrical pursuits and projects.

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The Elaine Levy Project electrical engineer’s database has information from theoretical electric physics to logistics and electrical business management. With just a few clicks, visitors could attend forums and find possible routes to begin their business or undertake a rewarding project proposed by a member of the Project.

Help For Patents And Distribution

The Elaine Levy Project has become a gateway for many aspiring theoretical electricians to create their inventions and have them patented. Intellectual Property differs from one country to another, but the Project has an archive that helps innovators in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia to patent their work and secure their rights to progress and capitalize on the design as per the wishes of the original inventors.

Patents take a long time to receive approval and authorities subject it to possible multiple revisions before the creators satisfy these with their documentation. The Project allows innovators to collaborate with electrical engineers with successful patents on their inventions, sometimes from similar countries, to help them document and submit their designs efficiently.

The world is on an electrician’s shoulders, and it is rightfully so that he or she receives compensation for his or her contributions to the industrial world. Discoveries and new technologies can do so much benefit for the world, and encouraging these fantastical ideas is one of the Project’s goals.

Business Startup Support

From the registration fees to the possible crowd funding of an electrician’s business, the Elaine Levy Project intends to help qualifying electricians with innovative business startup ideas involving the electrical industry.

Aside from helping the original creators receive funding to secure their intellectual property rights to their inventions, the Project also supports start-ups that would focus on electrical repair services using innovative ideas and methods.

The Project’s appointed academic and technical panel would review these new procedures and evaluate whether the idea is compelling as a start-up business and whether it would grow. The academic and technical objectivity of the panel, which guarantees a profitable and limit-pushing business, would ensure that the crowdfunded projects would receive enough to begin its preliminary objectives.

The Project would also review its existing funded projects for possible continual funding. The qualifications for consideration involve the continuous innovative solutions presented by the electrical company and its potential to continue enriching the Project’s knowledge base.